Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trip to Guilin, China (part 1)

Dear Friends,

I just came back from Guilin , China on 23 Apr 2010.

Here are some pictures.

In a park in Guilin, China

Moon Hill

Inside the cave

Stalagmite in the cave

We came out from the cave

Traditional Fishing Method - using local duck. The fisherman tied a string on the duck's neck and let the duck go for a swim. Notice the duck's bulging throat - there is a fish inside. See the next picture.

When the duck caught the fish, it cannot swallow, the picture below shows the fisherman removing the fish from the duck's throat.

The traditional farming method - using water buffalo.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Will put up more pictures another time. Has anyone been to Guilin, China?



Slowbrogal said...

The scenery is wonderful~~

Askmewhats said...

awww when I was working in China, I've been wanting to travel to Guilin but just didn't get the chance!

Lavender said...

How many years were u in China? work as a makeup artist?

yes, the scenery is very nice

Kasia_B said...

Oh wow! Your trip looks awesome. I love the nature. Cant wait to see the part 2 :)

Sherry said...

haha.. I dont even know you on holiday.

Witoxicity said...

Ah, such beautiful landscapes, just like in the brochures. I've never been there but I've always wanted to visit Guilin. Thanks for sharing with us your photos! :)

Sherry said...

oh cant get enough see the pics :D

Lavender said...

Hi everyone
Guilin is indeed a lovely place.

Charlene Goh said...

Which hotel u going next year end of March. How many days were u there? mind to share your itinerary?

Lavender said...

I only remember one hotel , it is call Lucky Hotel. I joined the tour by Globalite Travel.
can't really remember the itinery. perhaps u can google the travel company.


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