Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coach Fragrance - Take a Sniff

When I see the word COACH, only handbags come into my mind. Some of you may know that Coach has recently launched its signature fragrance in Oct 2010.

I took a sniff of the new EDT and fell in love with the floral scent instantly. I love the design of the bottle too! However, I still have several bottles of unopened fragrance. So, will not be buying it anytime soon. If you are thinking of trying out a new fragrance to usher in the new year, perhaps you should check this out.  

Product Description (obtained from Aramis & Designer Fragrances)
The first fragrance from Coach embodies the many personalities of the Coach woman…timeless, chic and sophisticated.

The scent is classically inspired with a unique blend of soft florals. The topnote sparkles with tart green mandarin, guava, lush violet petals and giant waterlily. Its complex scent melds honey, orange flower, mimosa and a touch of jasmine. To further enhance the floral signature, the drydown adds a luxurious finish with smooth and supple sandalwood and amber-wood. The result is a beautifully blended fragrance that represents modern beauty, elegance and charm.

The fragrance bottle is truly unique, featuring Coach’s signature design and lozenge. 

Note: Images used with permission from Aramis & Designer Fragrances
Signature EDT 50ml RM245

Signature EDP 50ml RM290

Besides fragrance, Coach has also launched its signature lip glosses.

Signature Lip Glosses RM85

Have a lovely Day!


beautytipshub said...

really like this post and i got some beauty tips for all on our website @beautytipshub.

Witoxicity said...

The packaging for the lipglosses is very sleek, especially with the logos all over. I don't think I've seen them here yet. :)


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