Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cosmetics Spring Cleaning: Throwing Your Money Down the Drain?

Dear Readers

Happy Sunday!

I am not trying to dampen your Christmas shopping. I thought it would be good to remind you to take a stock check of the cosmetics items that may be expired and still sitting in your pile of collections.

These are the products that I need to throw away. Waste of money right? As you can see, some of the products have so much left. This is what I call throwing money down the drain. 

Only one lipstick is used up

All are barely used except one color (with a dent)

I have been wanting to write this post for quite some time. Today, I will share with you how I monitor my cosmetics items.

Most cosmetics labelled their Manufacturing Date on the product packaging. So, what I'll do is to stick a transparent cellophane tape on top of the date. This is to prevent the label from fading.

If the Manufacturing Date is printed on the outer plastic wrapper (i.e. when you open the plastic wrapper, you will also throw away the information). In this case, before throwing the wrapper I will write down the date on a small sticker and stick on the body of the product. I will also put a cellophane tape on top of the sticker to prevent it from fading. 

As a general rule, we are supposed to throw away our skin care / cosmetics after a certain date:

1. Mascara - 3 months (but I'll keep mine for 9 months coz I seldom use it)
2. Lipstick & foundation - 1 year (but I keep mine for 2 years)
3. Face Powder & Eyeshadow - 2 years (but I keep my eyeshadow for 3 years)
4.  Moisturiser & Sunblock - if they start separating from the oil (these products seldom go into the bin as I can finish them on time)

What about you, do you follow the general rule or have your own rule? Pls share for the benefit of others.

Have a lovely week and thanks for sharing.



stellarvixen said...

this is a good reminder POST!
i dowan be labeled as a hoarder and wasteful :(

i always have hit the pan project~ less duplicate colors blusher, eyeshadow hehe *very tough

i'm coming up with a swap list and post in MUA hopefully some new and unattended cosme will find a happy owners..

those old cosme & skincare unfortunately goes to the dumpster T.T

Fruity Puplicious said...

this post is so useful~! I always love buying skincare+cosmetic and stock up until i forget... by the time i found it after long while, i dun even remember when is the manufacturing date and i dun dare to use it anymore. Will try your method =D

G A B Y said...

Aww I always feel so bad for trowing away makeup products, that's why I try not to use everything at once!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Great idea about putting tape over the expiration date :) this has totally inspired me to start using my lipsticks more, I can't bare to throw any barely used makeup products away!

Jessying said...

what i do is I always keep my box packaging , other than to remind my expiry date , also to protect my product casing than getting scratches :P Also with the product casing, if suddenly wan do review, then i got the ingredient list :D

Witoxicity said...

Very good tips. I really should assess my stash. Sigh!

arwern said...

is a friendly reminder to spring clean used and unused skincare/cosmetics product before usher to the Year of 2011, wish I can exercise prudent in my expenditure next year, xoxo

lavender said...

Swapping is another good option.

Fruity Puplicious
Thanks. Glad to know my post is useful.

Yes, especially mascara with short life span.

Silhoutte Screams
Yes, we should try to finish the products

Yes, keeping the box is good too but I always throw them away.

Yes, I think everyone should check our stash!

good luck to u

Sue said...

love this entry. looks like it's time for me to do a clean up too.


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