Monday, February 8, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Have you ever wondered.....what a girl wants...what a girl needs...could be a totally different thing altogether?

The following could be in your wishlist:

Foundation that can stay on your skin longer
Lipstick with longer lasting power
Eye shadow with longer staying power
Mascara that can make your lash longer  
Serum that make your eye lashes grow longer
Blusher and nail polish that have longer staying power
Longer hair so that you can style it anyway you like
Longer nails so that you can adorn them with pretty nail art designs you realize that in your quest for beauty products that can last longer, you may have missed out the new LG Chocolate BL40 phone that is now longer and better.

Why I like it Longer?
It's because the new LG Chocolate BL40 that is also known as 'supermodel" phone is long, sleek and sexy. This new baby has a 4-inch widescreen with a 5.0 megapixel camera and a touch-screen with finger friendly 3D graphics. It has a stretched 21:9 ratio panoramic display ......which means you will have greater experience when checking your blog, emails or watching videos.

By now you should know what I mean when I say "Why i like it longer?".

The new LG Chocolate BL40 phone is designed for those of you who liked it longer.

Do you like it longer?



Witoxicity said...

Heh heh! When I saw the title, I thought you were talking about longer nails only. This LG sure is one chic baby!

Blogger said...

Yup!! I agree with you that I would LOVE!!!!!!

Longer lasting Foundation !!!!!!!
Mascara that can make my lashes longer !!!!!
Longer hair !!!!!!

SO !!!!!! YES!!!!!! I LIKE IT LONGER!!!! roar!!!!!!

Lavender said...

ha..ha tricky title ya.
yes this LG is a chic baby

thanks for agreeing with me

Cynthia Z said...

The title can mean many things LOL :D
I'll show this phone to my hubby who's thinking about buying another phone.

Lavender said...

Yes cynthia,pls show it to him.


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