Saturday, December 12, 2009

Face of the Day - FOTD

 Hi, today I am going to share with u my first FOTD.

Above are the items used for my FOTD
Clinique Superfit No 65
Skin Food - buckwheat loose powder no 21
In 2 It - oil control face powder - 06 chaste
blusher - Revlon (softspoken pink) & Stage (no 10 heather)
Elianto Eyebase (no 1)
Eye shadow- MAC, Elianto, Silky Girl (no 16 mocha latte)
Lipstick - MAC Hello Kitty No 1

oops.....forgot about the mascara and eye liner pics
Mascara - Estee Lauder Sumptuous bold volume lifting mascara
Eyeliner - Estee Lauder & In 2 It







 How do u like this simple look? Pls share with me your favourite eye color.


Cynthia Zacharica. said...

Hi Lavender,
Good job..The lip color suits u well n I love how u blended yr eyeshadows. So u decided not to apply eyeliner in this FOTD or u don't use eyeliner at all?

CucumPear said...

Very subtle and pretty, I love this look!

Tajino said...

Wah! So pretty... first time I see you with make up like this. Next time if you are doing FOTD again, let me know and if I happen to be free also I'll bring my photography gear and lighting over and help you take some better FOTD shots (better doesn't I'm saying your current shots are not good but it could be better with some lighting aid).

恶魔的婷婷 AKA WendyPua said...

if u added the eyeliner will more enchanting ur eye look :)

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

ooohhh.. I noticed that skinfood buckwheat loose powder there! ^^ do you like it? I wanna buy that, too.. XD

btw, my fave eyeshadow color is brown, you look cute in ur FOTD! ^^

lavender said...


Ya I use very little eyeliner as my eye tend to smudge. maybe due to my oily eyelid.

@cucumber pear,
thanks for the compliment

Sure I will let u know my next FOTD. Thanks for the compliment too.

@Wendy Pua
Ya will try using more eyeliner next time but I am not a fan of eye liner though.

Yes I love the Skin Food Buckwheat Loose power , almost finishing already, it is good for oily skin, won't clog pores. Thanks for the compliment.

prettybeautiful said...

nice lip color :) subtle yet refreshing.

Jessying said...

u looks clean and gorgeous ! u need to start to look for your HG eyeliner, I found mine Shu uemura's gel eyeliner !!! once u start using , u wont stop it !!

Sherry said...

wah pretty! hehe.. too lazy to do FOTD

Anonymous said...

Very subtle and natural look! That's what I go for most of the time too.

lavender said...

@pretty beautiful, sherry, Jessying & Jess

Thanks for your comments. It really encouraged me to blog.

Zoe said...

nice blending and i like tat color^^

lavender said...

Thanks Zoe, I can show u next time

witoxicity said...

I love how you blended the eyeshadows. Your eyes look natural but enhanced. Well done!

lavender said...

Hi Witoxity,
Thanks for your complement.


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