Monday, June 13, 2011

Confession of a Chocolate-holic

Dear Friends

How have you been doing lately? I have a confession to make. I love chocolates. Any types of chocolates, local or imported, white or dark, with nuts or without nuts, with caramel, with liquor or anything, as long as it is called chocolates.

I eat chocolates almost every day, after lunch or before lunch, tea time or even after dinner. I know it is fattening and bad for health because of the sugar and fat contents but as a chocolate-holic, I can't resist them.

My love for chocolates started at a very young age. As far as I could recall, ever since I was 2 or 3 years old I started eating chocolates. My mom told me that I would open the fridge many times a day to take my supply. According to mom, I would open the fridge and take one small piece and repeat it several times a day, until one fine day the fridge broke down. Till today, I would still do the same on weekends. 

Due to my indulgence in chocolates, I need to visit the dentist very frequently when I was young. In fact, I just visited the dentist last 2 weeks and need to visit him again this week as I need to do a root canal. 

The following are some chocolates that I have finished eating!

I enjoyed the Patchi chocolates very much. As you can see it contains nuts.

What about you? Do you love chocolates like I do?

Have a sweet chocolatey day!


Syaza Aiman said...

I <333333333333 chocolates. Soooooo gooood :DD
Especially the black forest one, omg *FAINTS*

Michelle said...

I absolutely LOVE any kind of chocolates as well!! YUMMEH!!

lavender said...

Syaza & Michelle
Welcome to the club!


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