Sunday, June 26, 2011

Do you have a Plan B?

Hi friends

Since I do not have the inspiration to write a review on products, I will be sharing with you my Plan B experience. For those who are not familiar, Plan B is actually a food outlet in Bangsar Village. I went with a few friends on Sunday for lunch and we ate pasta and burger. I do not really appreciate the decorations in the shop but food wise, here are my thoughts.

My friend ordered cabonara. It is very creamy and cheezy, would recommend this to all cabonara lovers. I am not a fan though.

I ordered this chocolate with marshmellow on top. This is very rich and creamy. RM8. Recommended to all chocolate drink fan

I ordered this spaghetti beef bolognese. It's nice but nothing too special. RM20 below

My friend ordered this beef burger and it is very nice! Thumbs up. Recommend to all beef burger fans
Just to report to you that the Aglio Olio is not very special I would say. (Sorry no photo was taken).
We also saw the breakfast set and they looked yummy, many people ordered that and I think they must be nice. They served breakfast set till late afternoon (about 6pm I think). 
Ok. This is today's mini food review. Hope you liked the pictures. I am trying out some makeup and skincare products and will share with you soon when the inspiration comes. Till then, have a lovely Monday!


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Michelle said...

The food photos are suuuuper yummy!!!


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