Monday, June 13, 2011

Product Review: RMK Cleansing Milk

Dear Friends,

Today's review is on RMK cleansing milk. I bought this product sometime ago and had since finished it. This photo was captured months ago. I thought I want to share this review as I truly love this product. If it is not for the price tag (RM110 for 175ml), I would repurchase. 

Note: RMK product is from Japan. I am not sure if it is available in European countries.

What I love best about RMK Cleansing Milk?
1. The rich citrus smell is so heavenly. I simply cannot resist it. It makes me feel happy and relaxed each time I used this product.
2. The texture of the product is not oily, yet it removes makeup effectively.
3. contains natural ingredients such as milk derivatives, yogurt derivative, honey, lemon extract and carrot extract (Aren't they lovely edible ingredients?)

Product Description:
The yogurt drink-like cleansing milk with a high treatment effect removes makeup, dirt and old keratin, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple while bringing out translucency.

I only use this small amount to cleanse the whole face.

You might wonder, why I only need to use so little product?
My tip to save on your cleansing milk:  
Wet your cotton pad with water and squeeze out the excess, dispense the cleansing milk on the damp cotton pad. It worked for me and the products lasted for 3 months plus. I do this for all types of cleansing milk and I find that they worked well. 

Product Rating
Scent: 5/5
Effectiveness: 4.5/5

Have you tried this before? If you have the budget, do give this a try.

Thanks for reading. Please visit me again for more reviews and beauty ramblings.....



Michelle said...

Great tip about moistening the pad first! :-)

Kumiko Mae said...

look's so interesting :D i love citrus smelling cleansers! followed you sweets :D


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