Friday, November 25, 2011

Nail Art: Lav 020 Revlon Pink Again with lil' flowers

This week I will show you another simple nail art design that I painted a while ago.

I used Revlon Pink Again (no 180). It is a 3D pink color that unfortunately is not very easy to apply. The color needs 3 coats for more consistency. As I only applied 2 coats, it is not very even. Lazy =P

I used the brown color nail art pen to draw the flowers

Have a lovely weekend!



xin said...

very neat! btw, do u find that the color nail art pens tend to smudge when i run a top coat?

lavender said...

Hi Xin

thanks! Yes, certain top coats like Sally Hansen's UV top coat does smudge the nail art pen color.


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