Saturday, November 12, 2011

Product Sampling Review: Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream

I obtained this Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream as a sample after purchasing some other products which I will not discuss today.

I was not really keen to try a "cream" formula as I don't like the oily feel on my skin. This product however is different from other creams. It is not oily but gives enough moisture to my skin.

As I used this Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream for 10 nights, I find that I have grown to like it very much. I began to appreciate that the recent technology in manufacturing cream has improved tremendously compared to say, a decade ago.

Product Description from
The expert renewing night treatment that ideally complements the action of Extra Firming Day Cream. Upon application it ensures skin comfort and restores its supple aspect. Night after night, skin is firmed and revitalized, lines become less noticeable. Skin appears visibly younger looking, facial features are better defined.

Active Ingredients
-Glistin®: helps maintain the skin's nerve endings, youthful properties, regulates skin's functions and enhances cellular renewal.

-Alfalfa: firms, repairs and enhances collagen synthesis.

-Rosemary: soothes and relaxes features.

-Silicon, Vitamin E: protects against free radicals and helps collagen fibres maintain their supple aspect.

What I love about this night cream?
1. Though I have oily skin, it does not break me out
2. It smells "heavenly" to me. It has this sweet calming smell that makes me feel happy and calm. (maybe that's just me)
3. The texture is rich and creamy but it is not oily. Just a very small amount is needed.
4. Skin feels smoother on the next morning

What I dislike?
1. The price tag: RM300 for 50ml
2. As it is not an organic product, it contains some parabens (methylparaben) in the ingredients list. It also contains Dimethicone (a type of silicon) that makes the texture smooth. Some people are allergic to it and they has breakouts due to dimethicone.

Product rating:
Smell: 5/5
Texture: 5/5 (not oily)
Effectiveness: not able to comment on the firming effect as I only used a 5ml sample

I am pleased with this product. I would only recommend to you if you are ok with the price and the ingredients that I pointed out here. This product is not suitable for those who are in their 20's. Who needs firming product in their 20's uh? I may be wrong but this is just my opinion. Clarins recommends this night cream for those aged 40's.

Have you tried this before? Do share what is your current favourite night cream. Thanks for reading and happy weekend!


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