Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winner of Evening Lavender 2nd Anniversary Giveaway

I am pleased to announce the winner of Evening Lavender's 2nd Anniversary Giveaway.

The winner is .....................

Louella (no reply from winner, therefore new winner is selected)

Result from
1.    Louella3
2.    lilian1
3.    TGIF3
4.    Mimie Zalikha1
5.    Rane1
6.    Louella1
7.    Louella2
8.    breaking rumour
9.    Sherry3
10.    Sherry1
11.    Mimie Zalikha2
12.    lilian3
13.    Solitaire
14.    Azslyn
15.    TGIF2
16.    Jozefin
17.    TGIF1
18.    Milktea
19.    Hearts1
20.    Sherry2
21.    Rane2
22.    lilian2

The email has been sent out. The winner must reply by 29 November 12 midnight. Otherwise, another winner will be chosen using again.

Thanks for joining my Giveaway. Do come back again and visit me. I may have another Christmas giveaway....


1 comment:

Louella said...

Hi, I did not receive any email. Not even in the junk mail. I believe there must have been a mistake in your side when typing the email.


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