Saturday, November 26, 2011

Product Review: LUS Wine Foot Packs

I was sent some LUS Wine Foot Packs some time ago. I have tried them out and would love to share with you my experience and thoughts about the product.

To begin with, I must admit that I pay less attention to my feet compared to my face. Do you have the same tendency as well? The most I do for my feet is to scrub them and put cracked heel cream. I have never tried any foot mask before so I was quite excited when contacted by Supermodel's Secret.

I have cracked heels and they look unsightly when I wore sandals. I have been having cracked heels for as long as I could remember. Even though I wore stocking daily, it did not help. Maybe it is because I am not consistent in applying the cracked heel cream.


Main Ingredients:

contains Green Tea Caffeine, and Fruit Extracts that are effective in removing keratin particle of the skin.

Product Promise:

LUS foot mask helps to delay the aging process thus keep the skin surface fresh and clean. After usage, your hand and feet will feel soft and supple.

Product Benefits
1) Kill Germs & Bacteria

2) Calm the skin
3) Moisturise the skin
4) Remove skin debris
5) Reduce wrinkles
6) Remove dead skin cells

How to use:
1. After washing and drying your feet, put on the socks and plastic cover
2. Wait for 20 to 30 mins and remove the socks and rinse with water.

The socks are very moist and smells fruity and sweet

Put on the socks and wrap with the plastic provided

Before using the product - My heel looks dry, flaky & ugly
After using the LUS Wine Packs - my heels look better
(Note: I did scrub my heels immediately after using the foot packs and found that the dead skin can be easily removed)

Why I like LUS Wine Foot Packs?

1. The socks are soaked in french wine essence and other fruit extracts. 
2. It has a very sweet fruity smell that I love
3. It has a cooling sensation and I feel relaxed while using it.
4. Easy and convenient to use
5. The plastic foot cover is anti-slipped (you can still walk around when applying the foot mask)

Improvement I experienced after using LUS Wine Foot Packs:
1. My feet becomes soft and supple
2. My cracked heels have improved (as you can see from the picture above)

None at the moment

LUS Wine Foot Packs is made in Korea. 

It is now available at SASA outlets and can be puchased online at :

Price: RM 18 for 1 packet with Pos express / RM 40 for 3 packets (1 box) with POSLAJU Peninsular Malaysia / RM 43 for 3 packets (1 box) for Sabah or Sarawak

Have you tried this product before?


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