Monday, January 30, 2012

Product Review: IDI 6.10 DermGentle Cleansing Milk (for Sensitive Skin)

Hi everyone

It's Monday and I hope you are ready to start work after the CNY long hiatus. Now back to the review.

Some of you may know that I love to try different types of cleansing milk and I am glad to report to you that one of the products that never go to waste is cleansing milk. I have finished IDI 6.10 DermGentle Cleansing Milk (for Sensitive Skin) several months ago and would like to share with you my views.

Product Description:
An oil-in-water formula (pH6.5), gently and effectively removes make up and impurities while restoring skin's natural hydrolipid film with soothing action.

A formulation with a unique balance of Pro-vitamin B5, Camomile and Shea Butter extract that provides effective emollient action while respecting and protecting the extreme sensitive skin.

IDI 6.10 DermGentle Cleansing Milk (for Sensitive Skin)

1. This cleansing milk is lightly scented with a pleasant scent
2. Removes makeup or sunblock very effectively but does not strip away our skin's natural oil due to its good pH6.5 formula
3. contains bisabolol which is supposed to be good for the skin

1. Contains Paraffinum Liquidum (mineral oil), lanolin alcohol ( I don't have any allergy from these ingredients but just to share in case you are sensitive to them)

IDI products are made in Italy and so far this is the 2nd product that I tried. You can read about IDI MultiAction Mask by clicking on the product name.

Tips to save on Cleansing milk (I have shared before)
I usually wet my cotton pad and squeeze the excess water off before applying the cleansing oil on the cotton pad. This way the cotton pad will not absorb the product and you do not need to use so much product.

IDI products are available at Guardian Pharmacy. I cannot remember the price of this cleansing milk but I think it is not very cheap for a drugstore product.

Have you tried this cleansing milk before? Do you like it?



Kumiko Mae said...

oh nice one! :D

Anonymous said...

I got a few of these from a relative (close down sale). The cleanser's okay but I dislike the scent. Smells like sour plum to me. ~~milktea

lavender said...

hi Kumiko

Hi Milktea
Thanks for your comment. Hope to see u again


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