Saturday, March 31, 2012

Aftermath of an encounter with Robbers

Hi friends

This is not a beauty related post but an update of what happened to me on Monday 26 March 2012 at 7.10pm at my apartment carpark area. 

I lived in an ungated property and I became the victim of a robbery when I came back from work on that day. It was still very bright and I was not alert of a motorbike with 2 guy that looked like Malay/Indonesian, one fat and one thin. I was walking towards my unit and the thin one ran towards me and pulled my handbag. I put up a fight and shouted but finally the evil man won and ran away with my bag and everything in it. I was bruised as I fell on the floor. My hair was pulled and I was beaten up by the heartless animal. The neighbours came out after the incident (which is nothing unusual)

The first thing I did was to report to the bank to block all my cards. (Fortunately my housemate was in). My house key and car key was gone. My handphone was gone too.

I asked a few friends to pray that my bag would be returned by a kind person. And God is really good, on the next day a fireman called my office and I got my beloved bag returned. The kind Malay man, Yusri found my bag at Taman Jaya park. He went for his morning exercise with his children. God bless you Yusri.

Although there is nothing much left, I was thankful that I got back the following items:
1. Driving licence
2. My shopping card
3. My medical card
4. My YSL lipstick
5. My house key (despite that I had my locks replaced)

The cleaner found my car key while sweeping the floor. So, I got back my car key too. God bless you too Mr Mani.

I could not sleep for almost a week. I was very disturbed and angry at the 2 animals. When my friend asked me what nationality they are, I simply say they are "xxxx xxx xxx*". (I do not like to use swear words but I was too angry). My body is still aching now but my heart is really hurt.The animals ruined my Radley handbag that was less than a year old and my phone that was equally new. My total loss is about RM1500.

I am bruised

My Radley Bag torn apart

See my lovely Radley bag that cost RM600 - it's useless now

Malaysia is a very dangerous place to live, I concluded. (This is my 2nd encounter with robbers)

The police even laughed at me when I showed him my wounds. Can u imagine?

I am still thinking how not to carry a handbag. Do you carry a handbag? How do you spread out your belongings so that you will not lost everything if this untoward incident happen?

Despite the incident that had happened, I still have to be brave and continue living as though nothing had happened. Please pray for me.




Sherry said...

That's why I don't like handbag prefer sling bag worst is get tag along

Sherry said...

My sis place also very bad.. Her car got break in they saw her steering wheel but failed

Louella Lu said...

So awful to hear that! Hope you're all right. GBU.

xin said...

thank goodness u are relatively safe otherwise, robberies are crazy these days! it's hard not to carry a handbag especially when we have so many essentials. :( and double bad for the police who laughed at u!!!

StreetLove said...

Hi Lavender,

So sorry to hear about your encounter with the robbers! Hope you are doing ok.

I was molested at Mid Valley last year and I was in a trauma for a few weeks. My friends laughed at me and I was pissed. I don't think so this is a laughing matter so I totally understand you.

Get well soon.

xoxo, Fiona

Lavender said...

Hi Sherry
I don't know how to carry my wallet and keys without handbag.

Lavender said...

Hi Louella

Thanks for your concern.

Lavender said...


Thanks for your kind words.appreciate it.

Lavender said...

Street Love

Thanks dear for understanding the situation. Those who laughed at us have not been through the trauma yet. I'm sorry to hear abt your incident too.

StreetLove said...

Yes I agree, those are shallow minded people that can even laugh at this matter. My girl friends laughed at me and my guy friends asked if I get "high" by the molesting.

Sigh. I'm surrounded by a bunch of uncivilized people. You have no idea what I was told yesterday when I brought a banana for breakfast. Double sigh.

Do hope you can get over this trauma soon. It takes time to put this incident behind our back but you'll be alright.


rudi said...

Dear pauline,

I am so sorry to read of your traumatic experience. I was a victim of snatch theft too and for a few weeks after i felt very vulnerable and nervous.

Indeed the police are of no help whatsoever. When I was left with no money at all, i tried to flag down a taxi to go to the nearest police station; a taxi stopped but when i told him i had no money he left. A very kind Malay lady stopped and gave me a lift to the station and even offered me some cash.

The police just told me it's biasa la.

Do take good care of yourself. The bag and the handphone do not matter as much as you!

Lavender said...

Hi StreetLove

Thanks so much for your sharing. It's so sad that many are so shallow minded.

I visited your blog and saw many interesting products on sale. ha ha....I guess looking at blog sale helps me to release my trauma.
Take care ya. Thanks again for your kind concern. You are really nice.

Lavender said...

Hi rudi

Thanks for your sharing and comforting words. Really appreciate.

Sherry said...

Prepare umbrella always? Just for safety

Sukie said...

I'm glad to hear above everything else you are safe! On a slightly brighter note, you can bring your Radley bag to their standalone store in Pavilion KL where they will sort it out for you. =) Stay safe and take care!

Lavender said...

Thanks Sherry. I am trying to remember to carry one

Lavender said...

Hi S
Oh do you know whether One utama Radley can help to send to Pavilion? It's too far for me. thanks for the info

Sukie said...

Dear Lavender,

Yes I think the One Utama one will do it for you as long as it's a flagship store! Wouldn't hurt to ask them! =)

Lavender said...

Hi S

Thanks for the info. I am not sure but I'll ask.

Sherry said...

Pepper spray and whistle maybe useful saw selling at groupon

My pepper spray more than ten yrs thinking change it

Lavender said...

Hi Sherry

I am bring a whistle now. last time I have pepper spray but throw away already. expired. Pepper spray can only be useful if u are prepared all the time

Paris B said...

I just read this and I'm sorry to hear you had to undergo such a traumatic experience. I do carry a handbag but I am very wary of my surroundings, wherever I am. I'm glad you are safe and that most of the important stuff (IC, keys) were returned to you.

If you can't get the Radley bag sorted at the store, drop me a line and I'll see if I can help ;)

Stay safe!

Lavender said...

Thanks Paris. I'll let you know if I can't sort the bag out. really appreciate your kind concern.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

yeah pepper spray can expired, thats why I will test mine..but not on ppl of course. just spray see working or not.


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