Sunday, December 6, 2009

Estee Lauder Sensuous

Hi girls, 

Have you tried Estee Lauder Sensuous before?

I won this from a contest few month's ago . I love the smell of this perfume very much. It has a sweet smell  but I do not know how to describe it. 

If you happened to bump into any Estee Lauder counter, do try it and let me know your opinion. If you asked me whether I will purchase it next time, I think I may if I have the budget.

Retail price: 50ml for RM210

At the moment this is my favourite perfume. Do share with me what is your favorite perfume. Have a nice week ahead!


Shilka said...

I received a sample of this yesterday when I was making my buy... And I must say I liked the scent, but not really my style. My fav is still the "Insolence" series by Guerlain - love the heavy iris tone in it.

Lavender said...

oh, i haven't tried Guerlain perfume before. Maybe should check it out next time. thanks for sharing.

Jessying said...

i totally in love with ralph lauren romance since 9 years ago ... nothing beats that!!!

Sherry said...

I think perfume can last me for years lol.. my first perfume ck1 still got

Sherry said...

now I try the anna sui perfume the latest rock!

Lavender said...

Hi Jess & Sherry

Thanks for sharing your favorite perfume , will check them out.

Sherry said...

now so many brand of perfume sometimes pass the counter.. x boleh tahan.. lol


Never tried this before - Ill be sure to check it out. My scent of choice is "Rush2" By Gucci - smells delish!

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I went ahead & started following you!

Zoe said...

i love sensuous vry much~ ^^
u use it and after few hour, it's turn to sweet scent it~
u got it frm competition? so lucky~

lavender said...

Hi Sherry, Shimmerazi & Zoe

thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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