Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Soulful Feet Workshop

Hi girls, this is a workshop which I attended in Oct 09. Sorry for the delayed post.

Pictures taken with the organisers, lovely girls


What we have learnt is about our feet and how important to wear the correct shoe to avoid bunion, corn etc.

Summary of the important points in the workshop:
1. If we wear shoes with poor support and no cushioning can irritate the tissue in the foot known as planter fascia.
2.Our foot has a natural arch, so we must wear shoes that support the arch.
3. If we sprain our ankle, we should perform RICE - Rest, Ice (put ice), Compress (bind the ankle) & Elevate


Sherry said...

workshop never attend one before.. as time not fit and ppl not cooperate

Brenda Ang said...

Haha, why so short one your workshop update? Lol. Nice meeting ya the other day :) Next time kita beramai ramai join again ya :)


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