Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Trip to Bangkok - Thailand

Hi girls

I just came back from Bangkok, Thailand yesterday nite. It was a business trip but managed to buy some stuff.

Beautiful Cloud from the window of the plane

I stayed at Fraser Suites located at Sathorn.
It was a very cozy and beautiful hotel.
THB2900 per night . Stayed for 2 nights.

Spacious living room


 The hotel is equiped with everything, oven, washing machine, big fridge, microwave, 2 plasma TV etc.


Cozy bedroom


Spacious Bathroom


My haul (less than RM240) from the street market 
1. Blue dress - RM18
2. Black & white dress - RM20
3. Purple blouse - RM15
4. black tube - RM6
5. 2 bottles of essential oil from airport - RM40 x 2
6. Make up brush - RM20
7. Cosmetic pouch - RM2 each


Night view in front of Shopping Malls




Have u been to Bangkok before?
What do u think about the shopping there?
Do u agree that Bangkok is a shopper's paradise?
Do share with me your experience. Thanks


Jessying said...

the price so cheap! cant wait to go there !!!!!!!!!!

the nail art pen how it look like, is it like pen 1 , with a sharp tip.. how much roughly your budget?

mini_ace said...

yes i was supposed to be a shopping paradise but im not too sure if you can bargain over there. eh your hotel is really nice la. even have washing machine/ more like an apartment.
how come you dont shop a lot

Cynthia Z said...

Wow Lavender u must've had a lovely time. Love the hotel pics n those pretty dresses are such a steal!!
I've been to Bangkok twice before..last time I stayed at The Grand Diamond Suites hotel which was nice too but next time will check out this Fraser Suites after seeing these pics. Yup yup Bangkok is surely a shopper's paradise..I never wear heels when shopping there :D
Thanks for sharing the pics :)

Just JuLi said...

Welcome back!!! Bangkok is definately a shopping paradise... I love it!!!

SaSa said...

wah!!!!!!!! all DEEP V nia ! nice nice (clap hand **)

and so worth d price!!

Anonymous said...
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Lavender said...

yes the things there are cheap, if they quote u THB250, u can bargain for THB200.

mini ace,
ya I don't shop a lot coz it is a business trip.

yes u must check out this hotel

ha ha u know Bangkok better than me

Thanks for your lovely comments

Jean said...

wow..the hauls so cheap!! The hotel also!! Wish I can go there too!!

Zoe said...

wonderful trip hor~^^
relax and really worthy hauls~~~all the dress~~~
i wanna go bangkok for the next time lar~

p/s:nice photos too

Sherry said...

so pretty, not go there before.

the hotel is in the city? near makan place?

how much in MYR?

haha.. hope someday go cuti.

lavender said...


the hotel is located at Bangkok city, quite near to shopping ctr and eating place. the whole street has food stalls. Hotel is about RM300 per nite.

@Jean & Zoe

Yes it's a shopping and food paradise but I go there for work, so not so fun. I hope to go again next time, not for work.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

oh forgot to ask what fight u take lol... must compare mah.. hehe..

lavender said...

Sherry, I took air Asia, because book last minute (3 days before trip), so cost RM829. If u book early will be cheaper. (This is a last minute business trip assigned by my boss.)

Witoxicity said...

That's a lovely haul and all are so affordable! :)

Lavender said...

Yes, things are very affordable in Bangkok.

Ting Jin said...

Yeah, Bangkok is a shopping Paradise. Food nice and clothes cheap. I like to budget every trip, including hotel rate and location, meals, shopping on sales. In Bangkok, RM12 blouse can get. Last year in June, I bought a dress at Platinum Fashion Mall(clothing wholesale & retail market) at RM40. I saw the same dress at Summit,USJ, the price is RM89. Double pay indeed! Of course, some of the cheap clothes' quality aren't very good but still can wear.


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