Saturday, October 30, 2010

Product Review: 1) Empro HD Slim Cut Dual Lead Brow Auto Pencil 2) Empro Triangular Brow Auto Pencil 3) Empro Stainless Steel Scissors

Dear Readers

Today, I will be reviewing 3 items that I received from Empro. These products are made in Korea.

First, I used the Doll Lash scissors to trim and shape the model's eyebrow. I also used a tweezer to pluck out the stray hairs. Next, I use the eyebrow pencils to fill the gap.

Before the trimming

After trimming and using both the brow pencil to fill the gap

Empro Triangular Brow Auto Pencil RM38.80

A close up look at the Empro Triangular brow pencil - this color is e3 Golden Brown
Empro Triangular Brow Auto Pencil
This is Empro's best seller!

Product Description: Promote eyebrow hair growth with vitamin-enriched ingredients such as hydrogenated soybean oil. (Wow! This is the first time I heard of using soybean oil for eyebrow pencil.....)

What I like about this product:
1. The triangular shape helps to create a very nice arched eye brow. The color is not too intense but blends well with the original brow. I notice that I can draw faster using this pencil.

2. It is an auto pencil . Again no sharpening needed. Yay! 

3. There is a brush at the other end and it is very useful for combing your brow and blending in the color to create a very natural brow. No harsh and fake looking brow.

Product Rating: 4/5 
Price : RM 38.80

Empro HD Slim Cut Dual Lead Brow Auto Pencil - RM68.80

A close up look at the lead

Empro HD Slim Cut Dual Lead Brow Auto Pencil
Product Description:  It has a dual lead 2 colors which delivers precise application. The firm and smooth texture allows the 3D lining effects for an authentic eyebrow. Contains herbal essences that stimulates hair growth.(also contains hydrogenated soybean oil)

What I like about this product:
1. It can really blend well with your eyebrow if you use it correctly. I use the short stroke technique to draw. The result, you can see in the above pics.

2. I always like auto pencil - need no sharpening! Makes your life easier. me

Cons: It may be a bit pricy but it will last you for a few months provided you do not break it.

Product Rating: 4/5
Price: RM68.80

Empro Doll Lash Stainless Steel Scissors - RM12.80 (value for money!)

Empro Doll Lash Scissors
I really like this scissors. It is very sharp and gives you a precise cut. No complaints about this. Seriously, you must give this product a try. I think it is value for money. Only RM 12.80!
Product Rating : 5/5

Do share with me if you have tried any of the above products.
If you would like to read more about their products, you can visit Empro site here.

Thanks for viewing.



Witoxicity said...

Automatic pencils are always a good thing. I hate having to sharpen them - very messy and many times, they don't come out right. :P These Empro products seem to work like a dream for eyebrows. Great review! :)

Handy Mango said...

I have the same opinion too....
the triangular shape get to build the shape of brow easily, no need to sharpen again and wasting time...

Lavender said...

Hi Witoxicity
Yes, I hate to sharpen eyebrow pencil or eyeliner. Thanks for visiting me.

Glad u agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Hi, where I can buy these products? I like it really. I do based here in Dubai. Thanks :P

Lavender said...

Hi anonymous

I am not sure where u can buy this in Dubai. In Malaysia, u can get it at major drugstore/pharmacy & Sasa outlets. Maybe u can search online or post question in their Facebook.


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