Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Product Review: Origins Lip Balm

Dear Friends

I have finished using this Origins lip balm which I received as a free gift when I purchased the Origins Christmas Skincare set back in 2009. I received 2 colors and finished this one during Dec 2010. This picture was taken before I finished using it.

I have many lip balms and this is one of my favorites. However, I don't see this product at the counter. So, I think it is just a special edition product for the Christmas season. Anyone of you know whether it is available at the counter?

You cannot really see the color. It has a slight shimmery pearl

In my opinion, this lip balm serves the purpose of moisturising my lips. It is not sticky and has a nice flavour. I love it. I use it several times a day in the office. As I wipe off my lip balm before I eat, I reapply many times in a day.

My Rating:

Rating for Flavour/Scent: 4/5
Rating for Product Texture:4.5/5
Rating for Product Packaging: 4/5
Rating for Product Effectiveness: 4/5
Price: unavailable

What brand of lip balm are you using now? Thanks for sharing.



Michelle said...

Oohh... I have never heard of origins. :-/ I'm using Nivea now. I might check this out once I run out of that. :) Great review! :)

Lavender said...

Oh do you like Nivea lip balm?

Witoxicity said...

It's strange that they don't have in the range right now. This one seems interesting. I've never tried the one from Origins before. :)

Lavender said...

I don't see them on normal days too. Only bumped into them during Christmas promo.


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