Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Graduation Now and Then

4 Oct 2011 was a very meaningful day for me. It was my graduation in University Malaya. After many years of hard work and prayer, God finally answered my prayer. I completed my post graduate course and felt very relieved. All praise and glory to God who is my strength in times of difficulties.

My first convocation was many years ago but I did not have any pictures except 2 pics taken in the studio. I was very very sad. It was due to the film that was not properly installed. That was the past and I felt relieved that this time round my brother's digital camera worked perfectly.

I really loved the flowers prepared by my brother and sister in law. My parents also attended my graduation. It was a memorable day.

A joyous day indeed!

My recent photo taken by my brother

My studio photo taken many years ago.

I love this garden photo!
This picture is to show you my makeup

Closed up of my eye make up.
What do you think about my eye makeup? Matched my graduation robe?

Thanks for reading!


breakingrumours said...

congratulations on your convocation :)

AskMeWhats said...

Wow Congratulations on your graduation day! You look extra happy and I love the eye makeup you did! :)

MTSing said...

Congratulations on your graduation! God has answered your prayer as he acknowledge your hard work. May God bless you (^_^)

lavender said...

Thanks Breaking rumors!

Thanks to Nikki. Oh! you are so sweet to say that my eye makeup is nice. Praises from a make up guru means a lot to me! Thanks for your encouragement.

Thanks dear!I am so glad it is over!

Unknown said...

Congratulations babe! U're looking good there =D

xin said...

congrats! :D you have certainly achieved a big milestone now :D
love the mitchy matchy eye color to robe too!

lavender said...

Thanks Xin!

Thanks Sue!

Witoxicity said...

Congratulations! You must have had a lovely day. The eye makeup totally matches the robe. :)

lavender said...

Thanks Witoxicity!


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