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Product Review & Launch : Shinjyu Beauty Blanche

I was invited by the lovely Jess to Shinjyu Beaute Blanche event at Gecko Gastro Bar at PJ Trade Centre. There were only very few of us. The product demo was conducted by Jon who made the session fun and interesting. The makeup artist, Joanne who also owns Gecko Gastro Bar did a makeup demo on the model Dila after the product demo. Dila’s skin is very smooth and beautiful. She does not need much makeup.

Product Details:
Shinjyu's tagline:

Simple skin care products with fast, visible results, that’s the SHINJYU promise.

Combining traditional Japanese remedies with advanced bioscience technology, SHINJYU is all about innovative skin care products that are easy to use and gentle on the skin. With SHINJYU, experience a new world of sensorial skin care products that feels amazing on the skin. Pamper and treat skin problems using only the best of what Mother Nature offers.

Discover SHINJYU (it means PEARL in Japanese) skin care:

·        Patented Honoki extract
·        Express whitening action
·        Non-abrasive clarifying action
·        Innovative sensorial feel
·        No animal derived ingredients
·        Exclusive Japanese research and manufacture

The Miracle of Honoki

In 1993, researchers discovered the skin beautifying action of the Magnolia bark extract while studying the properties of traditional Japanese medicinal plants. After 12 years of intensive research, an advanced biotechnological process was patented for the extraction of this precious skin beautifying fraction known as Honoki, hence opening the secret door to a new phase in botanical skin whitening and anti ageing treatment.

Honoki is the unique ingredient found only in SHINJYU Beaute Blanche products. Honoki is extremely gentle and has been scientifically demonstrated to inhibit skin darkening and skin ageing.

The 20 Minutes Whitening Miracle

The 3 steps:



The texture is watery, just the way i like it. Not oily at all

After rubbing the gel on my skin. Can you see the small particles of dead cells?

Possibly the gentlest skin exfoliating gel available, SHINJYU Active Whitening Skin Peel renews your skin without the use of abrasive scrub particles (which can create micro cuts on the skin) or fruit acids (known to cause skin redness and allergy).

Innovative polymers in SHINJYU Active Whitening Skin Peel effectively removes rough superficial skin together with surface grime, oil and dirt. Honoki extract then penetrates into the epidermis to clarify and condition the skin.

Apply on dry skin and massage gently in a circular motion to slough off tiny flakes of dead skin. Continue until gel is almost absorbed. Rinse off with water and follow with Intensive Clarifying Water-Gel. Use daily or at least 3 times a week.

Capacity: 100ml
Category: Exfoliating Gel
Origin: Japan

My view:
Of all the 3 products, I like this best because it has a watery texture and removes dead skin very effectively!


After rubbing the product onto my skin, the gel turns into water form as you can see from the pic.

This oil-free product balances skin’s PH and sebum secretion, ensuring oily and dry areas are properly moisturized.

Using an exclusive encapsulation technology, high potency Honoki, together with a cocktail of Hyaluronic Acid and Soy protein, are captured in a gel system and released in a splash of moisture when applied onto the skin, to quickly penetrate the epidermis and exert skin refining and whitening action. With each use, Intensive Clarifying Water-Gel provides up to 6 hours of hydration and instantly quenches dry skin to refresh and return skin to its natural equilibrium. Skin feels hydrated, refreshed, calm and velvet smooth.

Apply on the cleansed skin and massage till absorbed. Use twice daily, in the morning and before bed.

Capacity: 40ml
Category: Moisturizing Water Gel
Origin: Japan

My view:
I like this water gel because it is not oily at all and absorbs easily.
However, the pump design is not very good. Sometimes, after several pumps, the products still won't come out. You have to turn the botlle upsidedown and give it a shake before pumping.


 A botanical skin whitening and skin protective complex composed of Peopny Root, White Mulberry, Kudzu and Strawberry Geranium extracts works in synergy with Honoki, exerting enzymatic skin whitening and refining action, while at the same time, protecting against the UV induced degradation of skin collagen and elastin to achieve an anti-ageing effect.

Contains TM Block, a unique Titanium Dioxide complex that protects the skin and fixes skin clarifying pigment onto the epidermis to give the appearance of fairer skin in an instance.

Apply on cleansed skin liberally and allow to rest for 15-20 minutes. Cleanse off with water. Skin is instantly fairer and more radiant. Use up to three times a week.

Capacity: 50g
Category: Whitening Face Mask
Origin: Japan

My view:
I do not quite like the face pac as it leaves a white residue on the skin. I had to remove it with a wet face towel after rinsing with water. However, I like the product texture.

The retail price for the 3 steps is RM299 but SHINJYU will be sold on CARI DEALS ( starting from the 15th of December 2011 at a promotional launching price which will be much lower than the retail price, and will be hitting the local beauty stores after the New Year.

During the Shinjyu event, we had the privilege to listen to live music by Ryan Lucas, a young and talented singer who is going to launch his album soon. This guy can sing very well and if you don’t believe me, pls click here:

I like the ambience of Gecko Gastro Bar

Thanks for your visit and have a lovely day!


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