Sunday, November 29, 2009

Floral Nail Art Design

Hi girls,

Today's nail art design is another simple floral design. This is simple enough to do that you can do it whether or not you have attended online college for cosmetology.

First, dot the nails with 5 dots. 
Use a pin to drag the dot to the centre to form the shape below. 
The design is not very well drawn cause I am not very focus. 
You can try it out and show me in your blog.

Tell me whether u like this simple nail art design. Cheers.


AskMeWhats said...

this looks very pretty :)

Cynthia Z said... cute..n sounds easy to do too..but I'll try it first n see if it's really easy lol

kimmy said...

it look nice~ but i think it is too simple~ hahahaa~ jealous to see you can do this, i'm no chance to color my nail, once i go my lab, no need 1 hour, all the colors gone~ hahaha

anne said...

oooh such a nice and simple design! i would have never thought to drag out dots of nail polish inwards to make a flower... such a great idea!! im definitely trying this :)

btw, what do you use to "dot" the nail polish on??


Sherry Go Sharing said...

I like your nail art, me terrible as I want long nail then I will break it.

Lavender said...

Hi all

Nikki & Cynthia & Kim & Sherry , thanks for d complement.

I use the nail art pen to make the white dot. quite easy, u should try it too..If u don't have the pen, just use tooth pick.. tell me the result dear..

Witoxicity said...

This is very nice! I love how simple and yet so pretty. I must try it out one day. I'm quite nail-art challenged. Ha ha!

Lee Fong said...

Did my sisters tell you I got some Sally Hansen French manicure sets and pens for nothing during a sale? You girls can share when I go home, which don't know when yet. :-)

Lavender said...

Yes Witoxicity

You must try one day


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