Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Trip to Borobudur Temple at Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Hi Friends

It's July already and I just came back from Jogjakarta, Indonesia last week.

Some pictures to share.


Nasi Gudeg

Lots of Trishaws & Horse Carts

Borobudur Temple

Parangtritis Beach

Prambanan Temple (Taken from Plane) - It was an accidental shots, did not realize it until downloading pics to my PC
Koi Fish (My favourite)

Thanks for viewing


Shilka said...

Thx for sharing :D make me wanna travel :D

gio said...

Seems like you had a lovely time. The pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

CHARRY said...

Nice pics! I want to go there too... I wish I can do that this year. Want to check Prambanan too :)

Tann said...

ah!! u went to yogyakarta? I will be therre by 18-23rd july.. so do u have a nice trip? I hope so.. =)

PS: I haven't take a picture of my eyebrow since my blackberry full of memory. lol.. but I'll send u soon.. thanks for the email reply

SilhouetteScreams said...

What a great place! It looks like you had fun :)

Lavender said...

You can go too. very near to Spore.

Lovely place but very hot weather there.

Yes u can check out Prambanan. We did not go there. We also miss the Merapi volcano due to time constraint.

Was a fun trip. Enjoy yourself too.

Silhoutte Screams
It was a fun trip. It's a historical place.


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