Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Product Review: Avalon Organics Facial Cleansing Gel - for Normal to Oily Skin

I have just finished using my Avalon Organics Facial Cleansing Gel.
Today, I will be reviewing this product. 

Note: The picture was taken in Jan 2010. The product lasts me for 6 months!

What the product promises:

Main Ingredients:
Organic Lavender, Licorice Root, Arnica , white tea, borage oils, organic flax

Why I love this product:
1. It's a clear gel cleanser, No parabens, no SLS, made from 100 % organic ingredients, no animal testing
2. After washing, my face is clean but no tight feeling
3. the smell of lavender essential oil is calming
4. The price is affordable

This product is for normal to oily skin type.
Rating for Scent: 4/5 smell of lavender, very pleasant
Rating for Product Texture:4/5 (cannot really see the foam)
Rating for Product Packaging: 4/5
Rating for Product Effectiveness: 4/5
Price: 200 ml costs RM40+ (if I am not wrong)
Will I repurchase: Yes (in fact I have just purchased the same brand with different formula)
Where to purchase (for Malaysian living in the Klang Valley):BMS Organics located at One Utama New Wing (next to Cold Storage)

This product is made in USA. you can check out  if you want to order online.
What brand of cleanser are u using now? Any favourite brand? Thanks for sharing.


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Yen said...

Oooh.. Nice review! I wanna try it but I dont know where to get that here in the Philippines...


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