Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stage Cosmetics is having sale


I just want to share with you that Stage Cosmetics is having promotions for selected items i.e. blusher without casing, lipstick, eye shadow, liquid foundation, eye brow pencil, nail polish etc are retailed at RM18 for this month of July. 

Stage cosmetics is a Malaysian company but the products are made in Italy, Germany etc. I have bought the blusher before at RM58.

Pls note that the manufacturing date is 2008.

So, I grabbed some blushers (buy 3 free one) and an eyeliner and a lipgloss.

So, here are my collections of blushers after adding the 4 new blushers...he he... not many ya..

Have a lovely day!



Unknown said...

How to apply for STAGE membership card? TQ

lavender said...


The membership card is usually offered when you purchased a certain amount of products.

print membership cards said...

I thank your blog is only for girls.


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