Thursday, January 20, 2011

Product Review: 3 Designs of Fake Eye Lashes from KKCentreHK

Dear Readers

This is a picture heavy post.

I was requested to do a review on some fake lashes by KKCenterHK (Hong Kong). I viewed their website and chose 3 designs which I will show you in this post.

Actually, I have never used fake lashes before and have no idea how to apply them but by reading other beauty blogs, I figured out how to stick the lashes, but it was not a perfect job. So, please forgive me for the lack of skills.

I bought some fake lashes before this but never have the guts to use them when attending events. I feel awkward. That's just me, a wierd beauty blogger. 

I would like to show you how the 3 types of fake lashes looked on my eyes.
The brand of fake lashes shown here are from ES Brand. The products are made in Korea (as stated on the box) but there are some Chinese writing inside.

Design A715 ES Brand 
USD 8.40 for 10 pairs

My original lashes, no makeup, only eyeliner is used

My comments on this design A715:
1. The lashes are soft and looks natural when applied
2. It does not prick your eyes as the material is like fabric.
3. I love this design as it lengthens my lashes, you can see from the pics above

Design A222 ES Brand - handmade lashes (as written in Chinese)
USD 6.30 for 10 pairs

My comments on this design A222 :
1. The lashes are soft and looks natural when applied
2. It does not prick your eyes as the material is like fabric.
3. As compared to the first one model A715, this design A222 creates more volume, not so much of lengthening effect.

Design A24 ES Brand 
USD 5.40 for 10 pairs

My comments on this design A24:
1. The lashes are not as soft as the 2 designs above. It feels a bit like "plastic"
2. However, I think this one is the most glamorous as you can see from the pics. It add curls to the lashes due to its criss cross design.

Overall, I am pleased with the lashes. There are so many designs available that I couldn't really make up my mind but I chose the more conservative ones (as you can see).

If you like dramatic lashes, you can visit KKCenterHK.
I think they ship to most countries.

So, I just want to ask you for your honest opinion, which model suits me most?




Wendy Pua said...

Dear, i like the 2nd one, is more natural and nice,
i just wan to review the empro fake eyelashes as well...

Michelle said...

I love the last one!! ANd you did pretty well applying them! :)

Anna said...

i think all of them are niceeeeeee

xoxo elle

Gone2RehabBRB said...

It's so hard to choose anything from that site, too many gorgeous looking lashes :)

Lavender said...

Hi Wendy
Thanks for choosing.

Thanks Michelle!

Thanks Elle!

Hi Gone2 Rehab
Ya, its true they have many choices. i had a hard time deciding too!


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