Saturday, June 11, 2011

Product Review: Charles Worthington Time Defy Salon Finish Style Reviving Mousse - Style Your Hair Like A Pro

Dear Friend,

If you followed my blog posts, you would have read about the 3 other great Charles Worthington hair care products that I have tried.

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I must admit that those 3 products are good but I adore this gem the best. This gem is Charles Worthington's Time Defy Salon Finish Style Reviving Mousse. Ever since I used this product, the curls on my hair came back to life. I had my hair permed about 10 months ago and my hair began to lose its curls. I am very delighted to be introduced to this product. It is a truly amazing product for maintaining natural or “fabricated” curls.

Product Promises?

Gives tired hair fabulous body and bounce without feeling crispy or heavy.
With its unique bounce back technology your hair will maintain the “just styled” look all day long whilst UV filters help protect your hair from UV damage and colour fade.

Ingredients: enriched with sunflower extract and mineral kelp

Why I love this product so much?

1.    It is so easy to apply. You just shake the bottle and squeeze the amount required and apply to your damp hair.
2.    When your hair is dry, it is not hard but gives a soft hold. Your hair will not be crispy or heavy but the curls will stay in place.
3.   This product is not oily or sticky. It has a mild pleasant scent.
4.    You just need less than one minute to style your hair. So for those who are rushing to work in the morning, fret no more, you can wash your hair and apply this mousse and off you leave your house. By the time you reached your office, your hair will be dry and have nice curls.
5.    I can style my hair without using any curlers
6.   The curls on my hair became more defined and my hair looks glossy and healthy!
7.   The product packaging is good. The nozzle delivers just the right amount when you gently pressed it. So, there is no product wastage.(Please refer the picture below)

The quantity in the picture is enough for my hair
Not only did I try this product on myself, I also tried it on my friend who has natural curls. You can see the before and after picture and make you own comparison. 

After - curls are more defined
My friend's hair - Before

The mousse survived a mini test. My friend tied her hair and it looked great. 

On the next morning, you can see the picture below, her hair is still in order.  No extra mousse is applied on the next day.

So, what more can I say about this mousse to convince you that this is indeed my “holy grail” product. Previously, I have tried using mousse on my hair and I never liked the formula. The mousse which I tried in the past has strong scent and makes my hair crispy and hard. My hair looks unnatural and heavy. I have since then stopped buying mousse.

I must admit that I was initially quite skeptical about this CW hair mousse due to my past experiences of using mousse. However, after using Charles Worthington’s Time Defy Mousse, I have changed my perception about hair mousse. Just look at my picture above and see how pleased I am now that I have a new found “hair savior”.

So, girls with curly hair, do give it a try. Maybe you will start singing praises like me.

Price: RM29.90 for 200ml

Charles Worthington’s products are available at all Watsons stores in Malaysia. For more information, please visit Charles Worthington’s site.

Thanks for reading and do visit me again!



Michelle said...

OHMYGOSH. I need this in my life!

Witoxicity said...

Wow, you really CAN tell the difference! It's great value for that price. :)

lavender said...

You must try this one. It makes life easier for me.

Yes, you can see the difference. great product.


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