Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nail Art Design No LAV 001 and LAV 002

Today I want to share with you another simple nail art design which I have done for my lovely friend. She has very adorable and tiny nails, therefore, I have chosen this simple floral design for her.

The items used are shown below:

Sequence of Application:
  1. Base coat
  2. Nail color (2x)
  3. draw design with nail art pen/brush
  4. Top coat

 For the hands, I used Revlon color no. 478 Tuscan Sun
Nail Art Design No LAV 001

For the feet, I used Silky Girl color no. 21 Berry Vampish 
Nail Art Design No LAV 002


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Jessying said...

very nice !!!

lavender said...

Thanks Jess!

Witoxicity said...

I like how cute and dainty your designs always are. Your numbering system is cool! :D

Lavender said...

Hi Witoxicity

Thanks for the praise. Ya, I created the numbering system to organize my designs.


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