Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eye Makeup Tutorial (Brown)

Hi everyone, 

Today I am going to show u a tutorial on how to apply brown eyeshadow.
I learnt this technique during a workshop organized by Lancome in 2009.

For this look, you will need:

1. 3 shades of eye shadow (dark brown, light brown and skin color) - I am using Silky Girl Mocha Latte no 16 and Elianto e/s)

2. Kohl Pencil (I am using Stage Kohl Pencil in # 01 Karma Kohl)

3. Eye shadow brush (from Estee Lauder) + a tool that can smudge the kohl pencil color (see step 2 pic below)

4. Black Liquid eyeliner  (In 2 It)

5. Mascara (Clinique lash power mascara in 01 Black Onyx)

Step: 1 - use the Kohl pencil and color your eyelid area, open your eyes to see the areas that you wish to cover, for a more dramatic look, color it higher. 
Pls note that kohl pencil and your normal eye liner pencil is not the same, kohl pencil is easier to blend.


 Step 2 : smudge the kohl color with a tool shown below.
Step 3: apply dark brown eye shadow over the kohl pencil area and blend

Step 4: apply light brown eye shadow above the dark brown e/s and blend
Step 5: apply the skin color e/s below the brow bone and blend
Step 6: Apply eye liner and mascara



 So, how do u like this eyeshadow application technique?



xin said...

love the blend! u did it so cleanly without smudges around your eyes

Jean said...

nice tutorial!! now I find kohl pencil useful!! will try to get one soon~~^^

jo.frougal said...

I didn't know the difference between kohl and regular pencil before this. Thanks. Nice EOTD, dramatic yet subtle. Looks great on you.

+ S T A R + said...

nice tutorial.
im definitely going to get myself a kohl liner because I do not have one yet.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

pretty match your clothes :)

SilhouetteScreams said...

I love that you used the kohl pencil as a base - I didnt even know there was a difference between kohl pencils and regular liner, I just thought it was a name :)

Kasia said...

I love it! Great tutorial!

Diaz said...

I think I'm gonna put Kohl pencil to my next must-have item list, and thanks for the helpful tutorial. I'm not good at doing eye-make up thingy but I'm gonna try it anyway.. ha ha.

Shilka said...

Wow, that looks really nice and professional :D I know a lot of girls like to use khol as base, but the damn thing creases like mad on my lids :( I guess I have the "oily" type of lids and khol melts away on them.... So I use paint pots as base :D

Cynthia Z said...

Nice tut lav...great blending!
The Alice in Wonderland palette is about $52. I don't have the loreal roller foundation yet coz it's not een launched here.

melandria romero said...

wow, this is really nice. I do hope you can add me too.




thank you.

Witoxicity said...

I really like this technique. I love the end results! I'm very set in my ways when doing the eye but that must change! I should try this method. Thanks! :)

Unknown said...

love this EOTD u did! looks pretty scary when u use the kohl on ur eye.. haha.. was stunned for a moment there. the finishing result is.. viola!

Aya said...

Thanks for this! :D Will try this right now. LOL. Following your blog now! :D


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