Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ROC PURIF-AC Blackhead Scrubbing Mask

Look at the fine blue color beads


I have been using this ROC PURIF-AC Blackhead Scrubbing Mask for a month now (2-3 times a week) and noticed that the blackheads on my face soften and can be squeezed out easily. Some stubborn blackheads have also been removed after using ROC PURIF-AC Blackhead Scrubbing Mask for several times.

What the product promises: 
- refine skin texture and blackhead is reduced within 4 weeks of regular use. 
- tightens pores and prevent the appearance of new blackheads.

Active Ingredients:  Salicylic Acid (When applied on your face, you will experience a tingling sensation and a very cooling effect)

For more details, please read the details here

Rating for Scent:3/5
Rating for Product Texture:4/5 (the microbeads are very fine, comparable with the Avalon Organics scrub that I reviewed earlier)
Rating for Product Packaging: 3.5/5
Rating for Product Effectiveness: 4/5
Price: unavailable (This product is a door gift from ROC workshop that I attended last year)
Will I repurchase: Yes
Where to purchase : leading pharmacies

Have you tried this ROC PURIF-AC Blackhead Scrubbing Mask before? Do you like it? Thanks for sharing.



Anonymous said...

Hi. I also using this product. I am very satisfy with it results. Unfortunately it seems like not selling in most leading pharmacies anymore. I bought this when SASA has 50% off and according to their SA, RoC going to replace this product with a new one. I was told this in Oct/ Nov last year. I really like this product and hope the new one is better than it! - Norahs-

Jean said...

Not very like it..maybe because the cool feeling scared me away..the coolness is not those comfortable cool feeling for used once then keep in in drawer d..

Witoxicity said...

I love products with salicylic acid. Never tried this one but the facial products that I'm now using - Garnier - has that same ingredient. :)

Lavender said...

Thanks for sharing.

Maybe not suitable for dry skin

Dear Witoxicity
I understand that Salicylic acid is more suitable for oily/combination skin.

Unknown said...

Do you still know where I can find this product? I had tried few Watson, Guardian & SASA but I was not able to find it.

lavender said...

Hi trisher

I am not sure where to get it. I got it when attending ROC workshop. According to one of my readers, the product may be discontinued. So sorry.


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