Monday, January 18, 2010

Nail Polish Collection


Today I am going to share with you pics of my nail polish collection.

The deep colors

The Pinks

The golden hues

The purples

The odd ones

The whole family - 29 and still counting....(some colors are not in the pics)


How many nail polish do u have?


Sherry said...

wow.. so many.. I have not count mine .. lol..

Hartamas Regency 2 said...

that's a nice collection of colors Lavender!!

:( mine is just very small.. as I'm still trying to master the art of nail polishing via one hand

immarafrancesca said...

Thank you for your suggestion at Linda's page. I will surely have a check up and I already heard of the condition. It's just that I always thought it's just normal for women to have extremely painful cramps. :)

all about beauty said...

wow, u got so many.. i don have much, 6 bottle only.. u must be love nail art very much

Witoxicity said...

Hey, I see some brands there that I don't recognise! Nice collection you have there. I only started building my collection in the past few months, so I don't have that many. I haven't counted (actually I don't want to know to avoid shocking myself) but it's certainly not 29 yet! :D

Lavender said...

Dear Sherry, kl & all about beauty & witoxicity,

ha ha you are looking at my collection after I throw/given away so many few months back.

I have this bad habit of buying the nail polish, applying once and keeping in my collection box. Plain lazy. Most of the days i do not use nail polish despite having long nails. I only apply when I want to show in my blog. Yesterday i purchased a new nail art item called Fimo nail art. Will feature in my blog soon...stay tune

Jean said...

wow..just red color already got 4!!
I'm collecting quite a number of nail polish too but seldom use too..XD

Unknown said...

That's a very veratile selection, I especially like the pink EverGlossy.

As my blog mostly covers nails I have a good selection myself, though most polish bloggers have me beat without trying. I think I have around 150 bottles of polish right now.

Shilka said...

such a lovely collection :D And they all look so cute in group photo hehe :D

My collection is like.. pathetic. Just one red nail-polish and a color-less base xD

ciawei said...

Wow, so many!!!
I don't even have one as I'm quite lazy..

Lavender said...

Ya I always end up buying almost the same color.


wow 150 is a lot, can open mini stall. just kidding...

Yes they look so cute in their group photo. Actually we don't need so many shades, it's just bad habit. Notice all the colors are nearly the same?

it's ok everyone has their own collection of something.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

forgot ask you how to keep them to avoid dry up

Lavender said...


I just keep them in a box with cover. I notice that expensive nail color (above RM10) have a better bottle which prevent it from drying, some nail colors I keep more than 6 yrs. sometimes I use nail solvent to dilute it. U can read baout the nail solvent in my blog, just find the keyword.

Maria Rosa said...

love your collection! I have about 15 if i remember correctly. I think elianto makes the best colours!

Anonymous said...

Great story as for me. I'd like to read more concerning this topic. Thanx for sharing that information.

Nail Galore said...

I have about 300 nail polishes to date:-D
im a freak i knw.. thats all that i collect.
Anyways i didnt knw you could find avon polishes here. Ne idea where? coz i wanna get their new green colour :-D


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